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Ezychargers are able to offer wholesale prices (trade quantity required) for all the small gas cylinders that we sell on our website. We buy directly from the manufacturer, and therefore are able to offer you the best prices in Australia.

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The Mosa Advantage

The N2O from Mosa Cream Chargers are produced by pure ammonium nitrate while the N2O in cream chargers produced in mainland China is a waste gas from adipic acid production. China's N2O is a by-product of Cyclohexanol and Cyclohexanone.

Cyclohexanol is a colorless thick liquid or sticky solid with a faint mothball odor. It is used in the manufacture of nylon, lacquers, paints and varnishes and as a solvent in cleaning and degreasing operations.

Cyclohexanone is used as a solvent in insecticides, wood stains, paint and varnish removers, spot removers, cellulosics, and natural and synthetic resins and lacquers.

Making these two products produces nitrous oxide. And the manufacturers are selling the waste/by-product to the Chinese cream chargers producers.

This why prices in China has reduced drastically as they are selling the waste of other products. And in this case, the waste is nitrous oxide.

The Truth About Cream Charger Brands

Although there are dozens of cream chargers brands available in Australia, there is only four manufacturers around the world.

  • Mosa from Taiwan
  • Liss from Hungary
  • Kayser from Austria (manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic)
  • iSi from Austria

Brands such as Whip-It! Cream Chargers and Bestwhip Cream Chargers are conceived in America but are manufactured by Liss and Mosa respectively using the same gas and steel. The only difference is the artwork on the packaging. Sparkwhip Cream Chargers are produced by iSi.

Here at Ezychargers, we buy directly from three of the four manufacturers and are able to offer you the best price possible for all your favourite chargers.

Recently there are some cream chargers from mainland China making its way into Australia. These manufacturers are quite new and have only been producing small gas cylinders for around two years. Ezychargers does not recommend using small gas cylinders from China.

Mosa Carbon Dioxide CO2 Charger 8g

For seltzer and beverage carbonation. Used for propelling beers as well. Also can be used for plumbing, dragster car racing.

Mosa Carbon Dioxide CO2 Charger 12g

Originally made for air pistol, but are also used for beer propellant.

Mosa Carbon Dioxide CO2 Charger 12g Threaded

Made for life jacket inflation. Are also used for tyre inflation.

Mosa Carbon Dioxide CO2 Charger 16g

Used in growlers and many other beer dispensing units. Also used to inflate sporting equipment.

Mosa Carbon Dioxide CO2 Charger 16g Threaded

For beer dispensing, tyre inflation, nets propulsion, concrete pilling. Also used to inflate sporting equipment.

Mosa Nitrogen N2 Charger 2g

For cold brew coffee, cold brew tea, beers and cocktails. Able to make drinks silky and creamy.

Mosa Nitrous Oxide N2O Charger 8g

For whipping cream, infusion, sauces, mousses, cocktails, rocket propellant.

Mosa Nitrous Oxide N2O Charger 16g

Very popular for rocket propellant. Are also used for whipping cream, infusion, sauces, mousses and cocktails.